Monday, July 27, 2009


I know I told everyone that I was going to post my trip pictures in a few days but we couldn't find the chord to transfer the pictures from the camera onto the computer. So i'm sorry it is taking so long. But fortunately we found it about 2 days before we left for Lake Powell. Once my dad comes home I will have him transfer the pictures for me, (I need to learn how still.) But forgive me for the wait, you only need to endure a few hours more.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Its been 4 long weeks since I got home from my trip and I still havn't posted about it, i'm still not yet. I don't have the pictures on my computer so I have to wait until my dad can put them on for me. (I can't believe I don't know how.....) But have no fear, my trip and the trip to the cabin will be on in the next day or so. I just got really bored so there are going to be a bunch of random posts until than.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I am totally freaking out because there is 2 days of school left, and in only 5 days I will be in Washington D.C. I am actually not that excited at the moment, but I think I will be standing on Main Street and it will suddenly hit me and I will say, "Oh my gosh! I am actually in New York!" It is going to be way fun and the best trip of my life, as of now. When I get back I will post my pictures and write what happened.

Did I mention that we get to see Phantom of the Opera at Broadway?
Well we are!!!!

We will also be going to a Mets baseball game. ( If any of you are fans, please tell me and I will be sure to get you something.)

And my teacher is currently trying to get us on a White House tour. She's been off and on the phone with the Senator ,of something or somewhere, for the past few days.

I hope to travel a lot in the future and I made a list of all the places I want to go. (It is a pretty long list) New York and D.C. were both on that list, I am excited to cross them off and move to my next location.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Noah's Concussion

So I've been in a slump lately, I haven't wanted to write anything or do anything. So I am going to catch up on a few things.

First, Noah's concussion:
It happened a few weeks ago but as I said, I have been very lazy lately. (Must be summer approaching)
So, all of the Hendrix boys were playing at our house one afternoon. Noah and Wyatt would both get on Crew's 4 wheeler and drive it around the backyard, and Crew would be chasing them around trying to catch them. While my mom dropped Madee off at softball practice, I had to watch all of the kids. I was just sitting of the couch when I heard Noah crying. It wasn't the death cry so I just thought the other kids were not playing nice. I waited to see if the conflict would be settled and hoped the situation wouldn't need me. But after a minute the crying got louder and it would not stop. I decided I better check what was going on. Noah was standing on the back porch crying, I went over to ask him what was wrong. He didn't answer only cried faintly. That is when I noticed dried blood all 0ver his hands. I hastily checked his hands to see if they had been cut, then I turned him around. The back of his head and the WHOLE back of his white shirt was covered in blood. I had never seen so much blood come from a person before. He told me he had fallen off of the 4 wheeler while Wyatt was driving. I had some skittles in my hand and asked Noah if he wanted one while I figured out what to do. He laughed and said yes. (He didn't seem too hurt because he had stopped crying and was acting like his normal self) Than I had to feed him the skittles because he didn't want to touch them with his blood covered hands. And he laughed because he got boogers on my hand in the process. Next, and grabbed Noah and ran over to Gina's house with Crew following behind. Once I handed him over to Gina, she washed the blood out of his hair so we could see how serious the cut was. The whole time in the bath he was acting like a wild man. Swimming and splashing. He seemed fine.
And all this happened while my mom was gone. Later that night Noah kept constantly throwing up, they took him the hospital. And sure enough Noah had a concussion. I couldn't believe it.
We can probably expect more in the future.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blog Name

For all of you wondering what my blog name means, here you go. It means "Finding Happiness in Life." I know it is so cheesy but in Italian it sounds really pretty. And we are all trying to accomplish that....hopefully. I hope I am not the only one.


Lately I have been highly interested in the world of politics. And I've been researching the Conservative and Liberal views, trying to get a better idea of what I am. Because I don't want to be the person who doesn't know what they believe, only what their parents believe. I respect my parents' opinions but I would like to be my own independent person and show what I truly believe inside. After researching, I finally came to the conclusion that I am Conservative. There are a few issues that I remain more neutral on though, illegal immigration being a big one for me. Part of me is Liberal because I think its fair if someone comes to the U.S. in search of a better life, and to start over. And it is a very long and hard process to become a legal citizen of the U.S. But, the other part of is Conservative and agrees that Illegal Immigration is wrong. Here is a passage that a guy wrote as an example of Illegal Immigration.

Assume for a moment that the United States of America is like a homeowner who went for a long walk and left his garage door open. Inside the garage, he left his new car, his wallet, cell phone and a briefcase full of cash in it. Another man, destitute of money and down on his luck, walks by and notices the garage is open and unattended. He has a family to feed and has been unemployed for several months. He enters the garage and no one notices him. He finds the wallet, the cell phone and the briefcase in the car. He takes both the wallet and the briefcase and disappears into the city to enjoy what he took without permission. He tells himself that he only broke into the man's home because he needed to feed his family and because he was having financial difficulties. He didn't hurt anyone in the process and he rationalizes that the homeowner can always file a claim with his credit card companies. He won't miss his money and will recover just fine. When the homeowner returns from his long walk, he finds out that he's been robbed and files a report with the local police. In turn, the police say that there is nothing they can do since there are no witnesses. The police suggests that the homeowner locks up his garage door next time to prevent another illegal entry and theft.

Same sex marriage is also a tough one for me. I totally DO NOT agree with it but I say let people do what they want to do. God put us on this earth to choose what we want, and if they choose to be gay and go to hell, let them. Stopping people from getting married is not going to stop them from being gay. I just thing that there are things, we can fix, that are more important to worry about. Let me say it one more time, I DO NOT agree with same sex marriage.
Those are just a few of my opinions on this crazy, messed-up world.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What is this world coming too?

During lunch I sometimes go into my Core teacher's class with my friends. Mrs. Dodds is way nice and a little bit crazy in my opinion, but My friends and I usually find out important things ahead of time when we go and visit her. One time we found out our big writing test results before anyone else, and I also was the only one who found out which kids got what parts in our production of Romeo and Juliet ahead of time. But back to the point, what is this world coming too? While in the classroom, Mrs. Dodds was curious what the top 25 teenage books were, so we looked it up. Of course Breaking Dawn was on the list, but most of the others we had never heard of. And we were in for a big shock when we started reading the previews it gave about the books. Number five on the list was about a girl who got raped and pregnant, and about her struggles and how her supportive boyfriend and parents help her get through it. Actually, most of the books were about sex. I also forgot to add that teenagers rated these books theirselves. I mean seriously, do no teenagers actually not read that stuff besides mormons? And I bet lots of mormons also read that kind of crap. There is a 16 year old girl who lives down the street from me and she rides my bus. Can you guess it? Yep, shes pregnant. I feel so bad for her because you can tell that she is struggling and wondering how she ever got to that point. And last year there was a girl in my PE class who got pregnant and was gone for half of the school year. And she was only in eighth grade, I'm as old as her when she got pregnant. Thats hard to believe. I just hope that no one I know personally ever gets in that situation.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Customizing my blog

How does everyone make their blog page look so cute and decorative? I went on customize but it didn't exactly help in any way. Do I need to find things on the internet? Or do I go someplace else?

Beware of Mono

A few days ago I got a note to send home. It was warning all parents about mono. (Hopefully you all know what that is) 23 kids from my school are sick with it, and there are even more from the high school sick with mono. So far there are 8 people currently in the hospital because of mono. Can you believe that? I couldn't. But, the note sent home listed ways to avoid getting the disease. Things like, don't share drinks, don't kiss, don't share lipstick. It even said don't share toothbrushes, what kind of discusting psycho does that?! Its just totally gross!! But anyway, I thought it was interesting and worth blogging. (mostly because I'm excited to blog again.)


I forgot my password to both of my other blogs and I finally have made another. I hope to remember it, but I will email it to someone just in case. For now I'm going to explore the world of blogging, hopefully I can find out how to customize my blog. But I love my new blog name. It is in Italian and it is what I really want to accomplish in life. I also love Yahoo Answers, it helped me to translate it into Italian in like 8 minutes. Awesome!! Here is a beautiful picture I put on to test myself if I could remember how.